Section 4 of Act 482, 1994 stipulates the functions of the Commission. These are:
  1. To advise Government on the criteria for appointment to public offices as well as persons to hold or act in public offices;
  2. To promote efficiency, accountability and integrity in the Public Services;
  3. To prescribe appropriate systems and procedures for the management of personnel records within the Public Services;
  4. To identify, explore and promote the recruitment of suitable personnel into the Public Services, acting in collaboration with educational institutions;
  5. To undertake planning of the manpower requirements of the Public Services, using data from the educational institutions and other sources;
  6. To improve recruitment policies and techniques by introducing modern methods of judging the suitability of officers
  7. To conduct examinations and interview for appointments to posts, and for promotions in the Public Services or within Public Corporations to ensure uniformity of standards of selection and qualification;
  8. To provide a standard framework for evaluating and classifying jobs in the Public Services;
  9. To review the organisation, structure and manpower requirements of agencies and bodies in the Public Services and advise Government on such manpower rationalisation as may be necessary for maximum utilisation of human resources in the Public Services;
  10. To oversee the human resource development activities of Public Services organisations to ensure career planning and career development in the Public Services;
  11. To conduct, in collaboration with training institutions, personnel research into human resources management in the Public Services in order to improve personnel practices and their utilisation in the Public Services; and
  12. To perform any other duties assigned to it under the constitution or any other enactment.