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About the Ghana Public Service

  • What is the Ghana Public Service (GPS)?
  • What are the GPS employment classifications?
  • How do I find out more about the Ghana Public Service and its departments and client organisations?
  • Is there any Principal Act governing the establishment and operation of,and employment in, the Ghana Public Service?
  • Does the Ghana Public Service have well defined classification rules and public service regulations?
  • What are the Ghana Public Service Values and Code of Conduct?
  • Are there any employment policies and guidelines?

Employment Agencies

  • An employment agency has forwarded an application for an advertised vacancy - is the GPS agency bound to consider it?
  • Can an employment agency seek placement fees from the GPS?

Non-Ongoing (temporary) Staffing

  • Do opportunities to perform duties temporarily at a higher classification level (higher duties) need to be advertised?
  • What is the basis for selecting a person for temporary higher duties?
  • What is the best selection process for a non-ongoing employment  opportunity that may become ongoing?
  • Must a person be released to take up other duties?
  • What kinds of secondment arrangements are possible to, from or within the GPS?

Ongoing (permanent) Staffing

  • I am a non-ongoing (temporary) employee.  How can I become an ongoing (permanent) employee?
  • What is a promotion?
  • I have been acting in my job for a long time - can I be automatically promoted to it?
  • Must a person be released to take up other duties?
  • What is the practice when an agency decides that work performed by a non-ongoing employee should be performed by an ongoing employee?

Selection of Staff

  • What guidelines must be followed in a staff selection exercise?
  • Must a selection decision be based on advertising and competitive processes?
  • What are the administrative law principles relevant to recruitment and selection?
  • Does an excess employee have any special status in a selection process?
  • Are there any special legislative provisions relevant to selection of staff on, or anticipating, maternity leave?
  • Can an employment decision be cancelled?
  • What are the rules about providing feedback and releasing selection documentation?
  • What happens when the government implements administrative re-arrangements?
  • Employee referral schemes-what are they and are they consistent with GPS Values?
  • Can a work area use one selection exercise to select for employment opportunities at different classifications?
  • Can an agency use generic selection criteria for individual selection exercises or for bulk recruitment exercises across different work areas?
  • Are there any limitations on who can be included on a selection committee?
  • How long does an agency need to keep selection records?
  • What limitations are there on assigning different duties to an employee?
  • If an applicant declines an offer of employment do they stay on the order of merit?


  • Must I give notice of my intention to resign?
  • Can I withdraw my resignation?

Review of Employment Matters (appeals)

  • What rights of review are there in relation to selection exercises?
  • What is a protective appeal?

Getting a Job in the GPS

  • How do I find out what employment opportunities are available in the Ghana Public Service?
  • How do I apply for a job in the Ghana Public Service?
  • Do I need to sit the Public Service Board test to gain employment in the GPS?
  • Why is there a Ghana citizenship requirement for GPS jobs?
  • What are conditions of engagement?
  • Can I get a job in the Ghana Public Service if I have a criminal record or have been declared bankrupt?
  • Can I be employed in the Ghana Public Service within 12 months after accepting a redundancy benefit?
  • How do I apply for graduate positions in the GPS?
  • Can a person have dual employment in the GPS?
  • Does an unsuccessful election candidate have a right of return to the GPS?

Conditions of Engagement

  • When can a condition be imposed?
  • Can I impose a condition after someone has been engaged?
  • How long can a condition of engagement last for?
  • What happens when a condition is met?
  • What happens if a condition is not or cannot be met?
  • How do I engage someone who is not an Ghana citizen?
  • What is meant by a condition of engagement relating to formal qualifications?
  • Do new employees need a health, character and/or security clearance?
  • How do I impose a health, character and/or security clearance as a condition of engagement?
  • What about if I use a recruitment company?

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